Welcome to Casino Whale! What a year it's been so far for jackpot winners! This month we heard of yet another progressive jackpot winner through our site! That is three MAJOR jackpot winners this year! Let's continue the good vibes and get another three in before 2023.  As always we have been working hard to bring you the best new RTG slots and online casino offers.


Casino Whale offers casino reviews, casino bonuses, and real player advice for all types of online casino-related questions. Bringing you the best online gaming sites, and the hottest online casinos. Whether you fancy having a flutter or are a seasoned pro in Vegas we have some great casinos for you to try below. All the casinos we recommend we try and test before we tell you about them :) We have the best online casinos to keep you going.


Don't forget Old Havana Casino. What a great casino. It's fun, vibrant, exciting, and has the best customer service agents who will look after all your needs. One of the greatest things about Old Havana is the loose slots. The Jackpots pay out often and they have all the newest RTG slots.


Las Vegas USA Casino. A great casino in fact one of the best RTG Casinos around at the moment. LV USA takes players from all over the world and has incredible customer service 24 hours a day. The LV USA team also pays out instantly which is awesome. RTG Slots are some of the best online slots around so give them A try today.


What's the best online casino?

What is the best online casino? Well, it really depends on if you like to play slots online, or play craps online or play baccarat, whatever your thing there is an online casino with your name on it! Check out the online casino review section of our site with casinos tried and tested for you to play at.

If you play slots online there has never been a better time as all of the big casino software providers are hammering out some amazing online slots right now.


VIP Casino and High roller casino

High Rollers aka Casino whales are looked after just as well if not better in the online casino world than in the land based casino loyalty programs. Usually each online casino will have the option for you to bet as low as 25c slots and as high as 10,000 a spin in some casinos. Usually most casinos will also have a selection of card games and slots which are exclusively reserved for VIP players and have better odds and much larger prizes.


High Roller Games

As just mentioned most online casino providers do have a VIP area of there casinos sectioned off for high rollers.  Where as normal casino games and slots will have a reasonable limit the high rollers section will allow you to gamble much more money per spin often as high as $10,000. If you require higher limits to play online its best to either contact us or contact the casino manager where you chose to play. If you contact us we can help you decide where is best to gamble online and introduce you to the casino managers at the best casinos.  With over 22 years in the game we know where to recommend and where to avoid!


Online Slot Machines

How you ever played the one arm bandits? Or had a go at the fruit machines in the pub? We online you can play fruit machines and one arm bandits and a whole range of slots with 20, 25,240 734, 1080 or even infinite lines! In essence the idea is the same in all of them, make a line from left to right the more lines there are on the slot machine the more ways across there are. You are playing to get the best lines, scatters, free spins and bonus rounds!  Slots are a game of luck like most other casino games, they have a min payout which is usually 96% and above meaning for every 100 you deposit you will get 96 back. 


Slots are a load of fun and you have chances to win some pretty huge prizes usually better odds than the tables.  Its worth taking a look around the slot machine before you deposit, make sure the amount you are playing is the right amount you want to play too. Some machines show credits where as some show coins, its quite easy to work out and most have the option to change if you click on the lower left on most casino software's to change the setting.


Progressive Jackpot Slots

The great thing about progressive slots is that you have the chance to win massive jackpots of hundreds of thousands to millions off of single spin. Most progressive jackpots have a range of ways to win from random jackpots to needing to get a certain symbol on every square on a line. You can also usually play with any denomination but a full bet is usually required to win the progressive. Usually on some of the more ridiculously sized progressive jackpots they are paid out over a number of months rather than in one lump sum. Having said that one thing you can be certain of is that if you win a progressive jackpot you'll have all your bills paid for a long while!


Casino welcome bonuses

Welcome bonus, what's it all about? Basically its a free bet to play with on top of any money you initially deposit in the casino.  Different casinos offer different welcome bonuses with different wagering requirements. Welcome bonuses work well for slots players as they enable you to play higher for longer, That's my advice, use the bonus money to play high and chance the machines with the casinos money :)


No download slot machines

If you only have access to a browser or are unable to download then most online casinos offer a no download section of their sites which usually has slot machines, card games and arcade games like keno and scratch cards. In fact a lot of casinos now days don't require a download and are browser based. im easy with either download or non download, they take up minimal space on the computer and offer one easy log in rather than going online to login.


Best online casino experiences

The thing about online casinos is they have no bricks and mortar to worry about. In fact except the staff and technical costs there is not much more they need to worry about! As such the vip casino experience can be incredible and something all high roller casino visitors should experience. If you are seen to be a VIP and likely to be a vip casino player you are identified early on and looked after like a high roller would be as a vip in a land based casino. I know of vip casino players who have been bought super cars as loyalty bonus's to say thanks for being a high roller casino player. The reality is there, vip casino players get sent on get away breaks all around the world all the time. Gifts, champagne, cash and so much more. You name it as a high roller player you can get it.