So which online slot is the best? That’s all down to you and what you enjoy. However I’m going to introduce you to a few of my favourite online slots below. Now I have quite a few online slots I like depending on which casino software I am logged into. For me the best online slots are jackpot slots. Progressive jackpots are the dream I guess for most online slots players. You want to hit it big and you want to play the slots that are fun and payout high. Nowadays there are so many more progressive jackpot slots which are paying much more often than ever before as gambler numbers are higher than ever before. This is good news for you and me, as for a machine to pay out a million usually need to be played quite a bit. Having said this, someone could go in spin one of a brand new slot and walk off with the jackpot!


Which is the best Online Slots to play then?


One of my favourite set of games is the Marvel slots series. There is actually quite a few of the online slots and they are to me the best online slots. The Marvel slots have 20 or25 lines with a host of different bonuses. From scatter symbols to wild symbols, from free spins to random jackpots that payout all the time. If you are looking for the best all round online slot to play then the Marvel series is def a collection to look at. Iron Man, Elektra, The Avengers there are about 10 games in total, all unique and fun to play.


So what is the second best online slot?


I think I would go for an RTG slot. RTG have been around since the beginning and very much have some of the highest paying slots online. Out of all the RTG slots, I like Paydirt. It’s a great slot, 25 lines and has 3 bonus features. Paydirt also has 3 bonus rounds as well as wild scatters! Seriously this game is a fun online slot. Do you like free spins and bonus rounds? Then this is the slot for you.


Oh another great RTG slot is Hockey Hero, with a 5x min win on its Win-Win feature, a massive 18 free spins, and a 200x scatter, Hockey Hero is one of RTG’s best online slots. During the free spin feature Hockey Hero pays out at 3x so you have a really good chance of hitting something big during the 18 spins and then the win is multiplied by 3! As best online slots go I would play Hockey Hero. With any RTG slot you can’t go wrong.


If you play slots online you should check out the games mentioned above. If you don’t play slots yet but want to try them out check out one of our sponsoring casinos they have the best online slots to play.



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