Online Slot Machines vs Casino slots

What are the differences between playing online slot machines and slots in a land based casino? That’s a question I usually get asked quite a lot. Another is how do you know the online slot machines are not rigged to con you out of money?  Well the truth is the same software developers who create online slot machines also produce slot machines for land based casinos!


The variety of slot machines is incredible right now and there does not seem to be any chance of it slowing down. At the end of September is G2E in Las Vegas which is the Global Gaming Expo in which over 400 game makers show their 2014 collection of all that is wonderful in the world of slot machines. Prepare to be dazzled as this year the level of slot machines for both online and offline have increased tenfold with so incredible offerings. 


Amazing new slots are increasingly featuring well known brands from bands to songs from films to comic books. Everyone is getting in on the gaming action and producing very cool slot machines. Keep an eye out for Kiss the slot and Gold the online slot machine.


From a play point of view, both a land based slot machine and an online slot machine run off of something called a random number generator (RNG). Now every time you click spin the RNG will randomly generate a “win” or “lose” answer.  That is it in simple terms; obviously the more in depth the slot machine the more the RNG will be used. Both online and casino based slot machines are secure and also safe to play. All online casinos have to have licences and to obtain these they need to undergo a rigorous process and prove they can payout anything they are taking bets on. Just like a land based casino.


With all this in mind the main difference between playing slot machines at home and playing slots in a casino is the environment.


In a casino you have the hustle and bustle, the free drinks, and the ambiance. Whereas when playing online slot machines at home you create your own excitement based on the actual slot machine you are playing rather than the atmosphere surrounding you.  Drinks and food are at the ready; you can take regular breaks, answer the phone or go for a pee without having to get a slot attendant to look after your machine :)


Truth it when it comes to playing slot machines I much prefer to play online and I am much luckier when playing slots online. I’m not sure why this is and I can only put it down to being more relaxed and ready to fully engage myself into the slot machine I’m playing.


So it’s all about personal choice but one thing is for sure, both playing slots online or in a casino is an experience to try!