So you are looking for winning keno numbers? Truth is to win at keno you have a few factors needing to be taken into account not just the numbers. What software is being used, which type of Keno is being played?


For winning keno numbers I personally look for patterns instead of looking at the numbers look at the patterns that the keno hits leave. Instead of looking for winning keno numbers look for winning keno patterns. For instance straight lines and right angles diagonal lines and circles are big favourites to watch out for playing keno.


Keno is played all around the world in casinos from Las Vegas to Macau. Live Keno and video keno are offered usually with the casinos setting their own payouts. Video keno is usually offered in casino hotel rooms as well as the diners too! Keno is popular all around the world mainly because it’s simple and you can win big bucks.


Without a doubt keno is my favourite online game. Keno is fun, exciting and offers some great return for your money. On numerous occasions I have won some decent money playing Keno on all different software.


How to play Keno? Simple really you select your wager amount, choose any amount of numbers up to 10 between 1 & 80, and press play!


All online casinos offer keno. Playtech offer the best keno in my opinion. Select 5 numbers from 10 and you can win 820. Pick 8 and you can win 10,000! RTG casinos have great keno and bonus keno too! RTG casino Is pretty good all round, fun keno with lots of chances to win.


Where ever you decide to play keno make sure the keno you select is fun and exciting. Keno is a lot like lotto or the lottery, just with more balls called out. So much so that Pennsylvania state is trying to roll out keno machines at the moment. They are going with the play every 4 minutes model where a state-wide keno game starts every 4 minutes at $1 a play. Pennsylvania thinks they can generate $200 million a year from keno terminals.


MegaKeno Is the new keno in New Jersey. Megakeno pays out a cool $1,000,000 for ten of ten spots. This is called the Mega10.  $50,000 for 9 of 10, 8 of 10 is also a cool $50,000 and so on. Since the change in New Jersey a few different kenos have popped up. The Megakeno is the biggest so far; however I’m sure soon someone will run a progressive keno game.


VIP Keno, ever played? VIP Keno gives you the chance to win millions of dollars or pounds playing at 25 a hand instead of the usual 1-5. Keno is for all ages from 18 to 95! If you like bingo you will no doubt love a good game of keno!  Check out some of the newer kenos mentioned above. Also the bonus keno is never to be missed, just might be your day to win the bonus jackpot!



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