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So gambling online over the years has become more country specific. Once upon a time UK players wanting to gamble online would have to join online casinos which were only in dollars instead of pounds, based offshore and not aimed at the UK market specifically just accepted UK casino players. Casinos offered no real security for UK gamblers. 


However as time has passed the UK gambling market has progressed and is now a MASSIVE industry ­­and being targeted heavily in favor of UK casino players. Ability to gamble in pounds, UK phone numbers, customer support and VIP casino support not to forget being able to play UK roulette instead of double zero!


So with this being said pretty much all the main line sports operators have released online casinos. Big boys like Bet Fred and William Hill are just some of the big UK casino operators now on the scene. With being part of Europe a few of the good European casinos have come to play in the UK and offer UK casino offerings.  Casinos like Betsson and Mr Green.


Do you live in the UK? Do you gamble online? Which is your favorite casino? We love hearing from our readers so feel free to send us a message letting us know. Casino whale is actually a UK based company and we try and test all the Casino UK and UK gaming sites just for you. We test for security, value, payouts, customer service and so much more. UK casinos tested and reviewed for you at Casino Whale.


The UK casino market is a bit of a free for all at the moment with lots of casinos targeting UK players. This is because the average UK casino player in England Scotland and Wales is much higher than that of say USA, Canada or France. The UK gamblers like to play.


Most of the UK casinos are run from Gibraltar or Isle of Man. A good thing to do when choosing a UK casino to play at is check the license and see if it’s in either of these places. If so you know you are in good hands. A few of the other larger online casinos run out of Malta which is also considered a very safe and stringent place to operate from.


Is gambling online in the UK the same as going to a casino? Well it depends; the experience is never going to be the same as a casino where you can play with other casino players. Having said this I prefer to gamble online rather than in a casino for exactly this reason. If I’m going to lose I want to lose because of my game not someone else's.


Want to gamble online from the UK? Check out Betsson casino or Betfred. Good Luck!