Playing Lotto worldwide is widely accepted as the norm. Spend a dollar, pound, euro or two and potentially win anything from a few million to just short of a billion dollars! Playing Lotto is fun and exciting.  The euro lottery scene has become massive. Euro millions, Irish Lottery, UK Lottery, Italian Lottery to name a few.


With a chance to win the Lotto and that huge jackpot for just a couple of bucks, who wouldn’t fancy a punt? People from all walks of life and all different ages play the lotto. Some play hundreds of lines some play one or two. Whichever you do got to play to be in with a chance of winning the lotto.


Lottery games are simple to play and with quick picks you don’t even need to select your own numbers anymore. Everything when playing lotto has been thought of to make playing as easy as possible. You just take the lottery play slip, cross out the numbers you want to play. Pass it to the cashier and you are away! If you want to play quick pick (QP) (which is where the lottery system randomly selects a line for you that has not been played anywhere else so it’s unique to you) then simply tell the cashier you want however many quick pick lotto tickets.


The other option is to play online. The lotto and mega millions and pretty much all other lotto’s worldwide are available to play online. Online lotto is just as simple as offline. I play online, for many reasons; firstly a lot of the other lotto’s around the world would be unobtainable to me without the use of online lotto sites. I like to play the Mega Millions and also the irish lottos but im not in either place so playing lotto online is the best option for me.

Playing Lotto online I can play any games from the Power Ball Lotto (currently at $113m) to the Irish Lotto (currently at €1.6).


Same as playing Lotto in your local seven eleven or corner shop, just pick the Lottery you want to play at, select your numbers, the tickets get brought for you and you get scanned copies to your email. The best part is when you win they automatically credit your account.

Syndication Lottery play is great. A massive percentage of lotto wins

Ever wanted to seriously increase your odds of winning? Well if so buying syndication tickets is most defiantly for you. There are quite a few different syndications you can join.

Our Favourite 3 are below:


The USA Powerball lottery syndication ticket
simply put the USA Powerball lottery is a min $40m every draw, 2 lotteries drawn each week.
This syndicate offers 160 chances to win the lottery each week.
In fact your chances of winning are colossal with this syndicate!!
You could win $600 million.

A Power combo lottery syndication ticket.
Consisting of Italy’s Super Enalotto, USA Mega Millions and the USA Powerball.
3 of the world’s biggest jackpots and give you 20 chances to win on 7 different lotto draws.
That’s 140 chances to win MASSIVE LOTTO JACKPOTS every week.
The combined jackpot could reach £875m


The Euro combo lottery syndication ticket
Euro millions lotto and Eurojackpot. Massive chance to win the euro lotteries.
Infact over 70 chances to win £42m each week
The combined jackpot could reach £232m


Lottery Online


There are a large amount of lotteries each week worldwide including some internet only draws. Fact is you have to be in it to win it as the adverts say. For the few dollars a week you spend on the lottery cut out a chocolate bar or a can of pop and be in with the chance to not just change your life but go to a place dreams can’t even take you. Six hundred million dollars is more money than most people could even comprehend (including me)!

Lotto is there for you to play and win. Good luck. If you want to check the lotto results check below


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