VIP Casino

VIP Loyalty Programs

With so many casinos around its important that the casinos offer a really good loyalty program to look after their players and recognise there VIP’s early. You see if you walk into a casino or play at a casino online and spending your money, win or lose that casino will want to look after you and make you a loyal casino player.


As you get rated by the casino you work your way up a VIP tier and get some pretty amazing VIP gifts along the way! Not only do you earn gaming points for your play on the casino tables or the slots, which will comp your casino suite or your food in the casinos best restaurants, but you will also get personal special gifts and offers sent you as you work your way up in a casinos VIP program.


If you like the idea of being treated like a casino VIP player, then joining their loyalty program is essential. Find a VIP loyalty program that works for you, a program that rewards you for what casino games you like to play. 

Slots are a good way to build up points as you usually spend quite a lot of time in a casino or online playing slots. Usually in a land based casino for every $100 bet (or play through) you will earn 20 Reward comps. This amount goes up the more you bet, and as you progress you receive bonus credits which are spontaneous amounts depending on different casino play and other factors.


When gambling online, the VIP loyalty programs vary just as much as land based casinos. I believe it’s always good to build up loyalty in one particular casino that way you gain VIP status quickly and start getting looked after. From paying you out same day to delivering a Porsche  to your house, I have seen online casinos do it all!


If you gamble like a casino whale in  Las Vegas then you stand a good chance of having your travel paid for, sometimes they even send the jet or helicopter to pick you up, private suites only available to VIP casino players  with tables exclusively set aside inside hidden areas of the casinos, Dinners, Shows and so much more. If Las Vegas has it and a casino whale wants it, then nothing stops the VIP from having it.

All casinos go a long way to keep their VIP casino players. Make sure you take advantage of your chosen casinos VIP loyalty program.


Most land based casinos require you to sign up for their VIP loyalty program; where as online casinos usually automatically award bonuses.


Good luck soon to be Casino VIP Players.