Las Vegas is gamblers Mecca.


Whether you have never spun a slot machine in your life or you gamble on a daily basis, Las Vegas is the place to visit (at least once in your life). It is an experience like no other.


Arriving in Vegas by air or road is a special feeling after all this is LAS VEGAS! If you are ever going to win that elusive progressive jackpot this oasis could hold the slot machine or the card table that has your name on it!


Las Vegas has it all, from some of the largest casinos in the world to some of the most incredible shows ever. Las Vegas oozes luxury from one side of the strip to the other and beyond. This place is big on every level! The MGM grand hotel for instance boasts a mere 6,852 rooms, 26 restaurants, 7 bars and numerous night clubs not to forget the enormous casino floors.


If visiting Vegas there are a few things that are a must. These hotels are incredible and it’s a crime to vacation to Las Vegas and not explore at least the main Vegas hotspots.


Ok so you must go see the lions in the MGM Grand hotel.  The Mandalay Bay casino has an amazing aquarium behind the VIP casino area. It’s great and well worth seeing an aquarium in the desert.  Also there is a beach there with outdoor gambling tables, music and entertainment!

The roller coaster on top of the New York casino is so much fun and it’s a great hotel to stop and gamble in.  A great place to stop and eat is in Aria casino, they have amazing Japanese there. 


The Venetian casino is incredible and well worth spending some time in especially if you have never been to Italy before.  The palazzo casino is attached and has a real VIP casino. Fancy a trip up the Eiffel tower? Well the Paris casino has a scaled down version in front of the main casino!


Up for some real luxury and a refreshing waterfall show? Then the Bellagio is the place to go. Don’t forget if you are a real casino whale you need to let your VIP casino host know you are there to gamble and are a casino whale!


Want to see a volcano erupt? Then shimmy on down to the Mirage casino. It’s also a fun place to gamble reminds me of an old 50s style casino inside. If you are playing at the Mirage look out for the pit boss called Mike T, he will look after you, especially if you are a casino whale!


The Luxor casino has elevators that go in a diagonal motion rather than up and down, The Treasure Island has semi naked women in the pirate’s battle every half hour in front of the casino. If you love to shop then Caesars casino is incredible the forum shops go on and on for miles and are a joy to explore. They also have a massive sports book and playboy bunny casino tables for the younger gamblers. 


The Flamingo casino is like stepping back in time and it’s great! The Flaming casino is a fun welcoming old casino where Vegas casinos first started. Also they have penguins and Flamingos in the desert and that is impressive for any casino.


So that’s just a snippet as to what Vegas have on offer. If you gamble or don’t Las Vegas is incredible and a fun place to visit before it sinks.


Add to all of that Las Vegas is in the desert and its hot there! Make sure you have your sunscreen as 114 degrees is common


Enjoy Las Vegas!







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